A laid back , full of banter , none serious photo taker from Wigan, Lancashire .
What can I say about me…. I blooming love taking photos have done since I was a child and I constantly mithered my mum to buy me disposable cameras then bugged her to take them to be developed!

hey,  i'm Lindsey

Why do I love taking photos so much?

Well I’m a people watcher, I love to watch a story unfold through, emotions, laughter, movement.

I can tell you my love for photography isn’t for love of technology or equipment it’s for capturing those real life moments and providing you with photographs you can treasure for a lifetime .

I’m ditsy, cheeky, love people, down to earth girl who will almost definitely be able to make you laugh by saying something wildly inappropriate. You don’t like having your photo taken …you're my type of person, we’re already on the same wavelength - as believe it or not I’m not keen on it either!

For most of my working life I’ve worked in travel , on the ground and in the sky , I’ve sent many people on their holidays.

Taking photos on the side for family, friends, with a constant feedback of… “Lindsey you should set up your own business….” I literally dreamed of the idea for years, played around with logos, business names etc and one day I decided to create an opportunity for myself,  something for me,  something I’ve wanted for such a long time and 2 years ago I started Kaptured by Lindsey . Most of my work is though recommendations - i couldn’t ask for more of a compliment than that .

Today I sit in my own studio with a load of cool clients , a diary packed with work and a business that’s thriving and I’m extremely proud of what I’ve built so far !